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Web Design not only just an UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience), but what’s the important part is building a very solid and strong website architecture at the back-end, this is an important foundation for a very good website.​

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Hi! I'm Von Lim - Founder of MyVpsGroup, Von Vps Management, and Von Production. Web Design not only just an UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience), but what's the important part is building a very solid and strong website architecture at the back-end, this is an important foundation for a very good website.


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What are the types of websites?

What are the 4 stages of web design?

What is the purpose of Web page?

What does website development mean?

What is the best website for web development?

How do I start a website development?

What is the purpose of a corporate website?

What is corporate web design?

What is a website marketing?

How important is a website for marketing?

Is a website a marketing tool?

Why you need a website for your business?

What are the types of websites?

Business Website
A business website represents a specific business and it should be branded. It communicates the types of products or services a business offering. Therefore, every business should have a website to allow potential customers better understand about your business.

E-commerce Website
An E-commerce website is a platform which allowing businesses sell their products and services, and buyers to compare prices and buy goods from it. A comprehensive website basically should be user friendly as well as include shopping cart and safe payment gateway.

A blog is an online journal or informational page which update regularly with articles, photos and videos. It tends to be subjective, more casual and personal content compared to news and magazines. Blogs often provide materials for email campaigns and social media posts.

Social Media Websites
Social Media sites allows users to share thoughts, image and video, and simply connect with another in relation to a certain topic. Nowadays people tend to read up on the news posted on social media as it allows readers to comment and share own views.

Portfolio Website
Portfolio website is a platform where people build an impressive portfolio and promote the examples of previous jobs. It is utilized like a CV and to showcasing one’s ability to potential clients or future prospects.

What are the 4 stages of web design?

Web designing is a process of prioritizing each stage in site development.

Step 1: Architecture and Layout
-Site architecture begins with codes on templates which determining the presentation of the major elements include texts, graphics and ads. Layout leads the decisions about architectures to where to position certain types of site features and contents.

Step 2: Content
-Creating content should always keep search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind as to maintain the landing pages focused on one single topic. It is important to have a real content to work for next stages.

Step 3: Graphic
-Graphic of a website should contain the visual elements which fit to the business vision. Tools including style tiles, mouldboards and element collages can be applied to optimise the outlook of a site.

Step 4: Launch and Revising
-It is time for a site to go live and perform quality assurance when it is completely built. A thorough review of analytics will show whether a design of site is performing well.

What is the purpose of Web page?

Business Website
A commercial website is to attract new customers and provide effective communication with customers. It should be able to deliver right message to customers about the business’s activities and the services offered.

E-commerce Website
An e-commerce website can help businesses to increase brand awareness and popularity. It should be able to drive huge traffic and increase the opportunity of clicking into a product list. It also allows businesses to utilise a series of marketing tools and campaigns to improve its impression thereby increase sales.

Blogs can be used for entertainment purposes or an online journal. It is to allow people to express, sharing, recommending, showing talents and more. Nowadays, bloggers run blogs build reputation and nurture business.

Social Media Websites
Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter drive large traffic and engagement every day. It enables netizens to connect with each other and share thoughts for a specific topic such as a news or statement in a digital world.

Portfolio Website
An effective portfolio website represents a small presentation of an individual. It is designed to reflect one’s experience and demonstrate skills. It is also utilised to make useful connections and attract new clients in order to gain reputation in an industry.

What does website development mean?

Web development is an activity of building and maintaining of website. It is the creation at the backend of a site which to make a website looks good, perform fast and provide user friendly experience. It requires the efforts and corporation among web designer, frontend developer and backend developer. A qualified website development should be able to make a company looks reliable, drive awareness and enhance the company’s qualities.

What is the best website for web development?

HTMLDog (free version)
HTMLDog is covering topics including web development, HTML, JavaScript and CSS with three primary languages versions. All versions have different levels from beginner to advanced. The information on the website are presented in an understandable fashion method.

Treehouse (paid version)
Treehouse provides Techdegree program to help users in launching new career and building a job-ready portfolio. The teaching application includes the use of videos, code challenges and interactive quizzes. With a basic plan at $25 per month, learners can access to expert-led video courses and interactive practice sessions.

Codeacademy (free & paid version)
Codeacademy provides many courses covering topics includes HTML, JavaScript AND CSS. It has a pro version offering users access to a full version of Web Developer Course covering many topics for many coding projects.

Why is website development important?

Your website is a door to be opened for a wider range of customers and drive sales. Your audiences will not wish to struggle to find information at your website. Hence, a qualified website development should be able to provide a quick and easy navigation throughout the entire site.

Brand Consistency
Your brand and logo are important existence which can directly influence your company name. Your website should contain a consistent placement of logo throughout to enable your customers understand that you are genuine and care about your brand. A good website should be a ble to provide a credible and reliable impression. This could affect the increase of accessibility and traffic to your website.

To Aid search engine optimisation (SEO)
Web design elements and practices can influence the way you public your website content. Thereby, it affects how the search engine spiders crawl and index your website. Web design can be difficult to understand if one is not familiar with it. Therefore, you are advised to partner up with a web design agency to ensure proper web design practices.

How do I start a website development?

1.Choose and Register a Domain Name
A domain name refers to your website name and address. The address is the key which visitors use and try to find your site through web browsers.

2.Get a Web Hosting
Web hosting is to host and stores your site files on a secure server and it is always up and running. It is to ensure your site to be accessible for read and browse.

3.Set Up WordPress Website
You will need to install a website building platform. Here, we recommend WordPress as it is easy and convenient to use and comes with thousands of free designs to make your website look unique and professional.

4.Customize Website Design and Structure
It is time to make your site look more attractive now. Select a nice design and customize it by additional branding elements. It includes choosing and installing a theme, adding logo, changing colour scheme and fonts, adding sidebar and widgets as well.

5.Add Pages and Content
Pages are important to your site as it provide clear ideas to visitors when they are at your site. The most common pages should include homepage, about page, contact page, blog page, service page and shop page.

6.Set Up a Navigation Menu
Now, you should set up the navigation menu. This menu is to enable your visitors to access from page to page on your site.

7.Always Improve and Update the Site
Last but not least, always keep your site are updated and improve.

What is the purpose of a corporate website?
A corporate website is officially representing as a showroom that opens to the world. It is often used as a landing page for advertising content. A corporate website should be accumulated all necessary analysis with the relevant teams and meet visitors’ expectations. A corporate website can affect the organisation’s image and impression as it will influence the traffic and sales on your site.

What is corporate web design?

Web Design is the process of planning and building, conceptualizing, arranging content online and more, which include the website’s overall functionality. Web design requires numerous components work together to create a thorough experience of a website including graphic design, interface design, user experience design, SEO and content creation. It creates and determine overall look and feel when one access to the site.

A Better Corporate Website? | Ideas On Purpose
The existence of website is to enable people to engage about your business matters. Social media can be applied as partial marketing strategies but not to be fully depend. A good website should be look good and act great as well as always up-to-date on any device. Nowadays, people are attracted by beautiful graphics. A good content makes people more willing to stay at your page and engage with you. You should be strategic about your site structure and facilitate the users’ experience. It can improve your SEO results as well as customer acquisition and retention.


What is a website marketing?
A website marketing is used to promote a business through internet in order to drive more visitors to its online or physical stores. Web marketing convey your message to the big wide web. It includes the tools of using blogs, social media and search engines and emails. The more the visitors, the higher opportunity the visitors convert to potential buyers. In addition, website is able to capture much more detailed data about how your visitors engage with your site compared to social media analytics.

How important is a website for marketing?
A good website is the major key to a successful digital marketing strategy. A website could help an organisation simply spread about your business when it is being searched. No matter what kind of other digital marketing tools you are using, you will still direct all customers to your website to convert sales. A website with effective SEO practice will gain organic impression in the top spots on a search engine result page.

Is a website a marketing tool?

Website is definitely the most effective marketing tool nowadays. An official website is the digital store window of all businesses. It provides the first impressions on how people see your business. Having only social media accounts is not enough for customers to understand about you. People expect your website is searchable via search engine and tend to establish trust through your website content.

Why you need a website for your business?

To Build Credibility with Contacts
-In a digital marketplace, business without a website are seems to be less credible. A website allows visitors have better understands about a brand and its products and services. In a website, it let visitors know about your business and its mission, thereby it helps you to build trust and establish long-term customer relationships.

Low Cost to Gain Impression
-Comparing to offline advertising method, website is considered very inexpensive and able to gain more impression as well as clicks. Your website is the most cost effective marketing method to encourage visitors engage in learning about your product and services.

Drive Sales
-Sales are the key to keep a company continuously up and moving. Website increases the opportunity to reach more potential customers. Business now can drive sales all the time with lesser engagement compare to offline business. Visitors can easily get the information through your website.


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