Von’s Mentors

Von's Master

Who Had Changed Von's Life & Skill Transformed


Dato' Sri Adrian Wee

'Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee is a renowned international speaker, master coach, property entrepreneur, esteemed interior designer, and author of the book “Die With Massive Debts.”

Dato’ Sri Adrian is the selected few speakers in South East Asia who has shared the same platform with world class speaker such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic and Jay Abraham through Success Resource.

He frequently speaks in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.
His signature course – “Die With Massive Debts” – has taught over more than 20,000 students on how to acquire wealth by leveraging on bank loans.

As of now, the group has collectively generated over more than RM1 billion in bank loans and mortgages. Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee’s himself has personally accumulated over RM 72 million worth of loans under his own name.


Von Lim

Von Lim, Founder of MyVpsGroup, Von Vps Management, and Von Production. Which mainly focus strategize and manage into Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Ecommerce Website, Logo Design, Graphics Design, and Web Design Services.

Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee speech had changed Von Lim's Life, why said so? Von Lim, student's of Dato' Sri Adrian Wee, also known as a Platinium Wealth Circle Member.

During the Free 3 hours of preview seminar, Von Lim knowing in mind that he which is Dato' Sri Adrian Wee can help him in changing the current situation, Von Lim and Nemisa decided to signup become the "Gold Elite Member" which is 'Die With Massive Debts' 3 days 2-night Property Seminar Sharing base at KL, Malaysia.

Through the property matrix, property currency, 3 property strategy, Dato' Sri Adrian Wee signature and branded technique 13's of property theorem, bell-curve, and etc. Von Lim and Nemisa felt surprisingly with those techniques and tactics. Von Lim and Nemisa decided to continue learning from Dato' Sri Adrian Wee.

Now, with 6 months of learning with Dato' Sri Adrian Wee, Von Lim has been practicing into the business model, business engine, forecast budget, quantum leap business, business grow formula, KPi reward and punishment system and world-famous program "D.I.S.C", etc.

Von Lim trying to make integration of knowledge, skill transferred between Dato' Sri Adrian Wee and Von Lim himself "Universe Marketing Strategy" and "Five Dimension Master-Mind" which reform from his learning journey by many mentors.

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