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Dear Sir / Madam

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce the solutions and services offered by Von Vps Management | MyVpsGroup.

Brief History Von Vps Management | MyVpsGroup is owned by Von Lim. Von Lim worked in the Digital Marketing & Ecommerce industry for over 8 years. I started as a graphics design and worked my way up to the Superior of the E-Commerce and Website Development. View Von Lim’s profile and reputation on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lim-jin-haur-von/.

Brief Company Overview Von Vps Management provides very professional and reliable Strategy and Marketing of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Eco-Systems. We are currently the only service in Malaysia and Singapore two countries, for Strategy and Marketing of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Eco-Systems which are skill combined from Overseas US and UK. In addition we are one of the few privileged companies to have the Eco-System. The bricks and motar stratey also applying to Locally and internationally. A more detailed overview of these services and Eco-systems is available further in www.myvpsgroup.com

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