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Instead to think I WILL, Why not we think I'M?

Why reading books are very important to us? The value inside the books will always help you to get different perspective of views to think.

Remember and bear in your mind, always comes with the "Seed" what I called, secondly comes with "Mindset", then "Action", after that "Result".

Browse Von’s personal library collection and satisfy your appetite!

Von’s personal library consists of three kinds of books:

His all-time favorite reads that he thinks everyone should discover.

Books he is currently reading and would love to discuss.

Enjoy! Never stop thinking, Never stop learning.

10 Books Von is Read and Recommended by Von

I Ching. Zhou Yi《易经。周易》by Zhou Wen Wang 周文王。姬昌
Qi Men Dun Jia《奇门遁甲》by Liu Bo Wen 刘伯温
The Art of War《孙子兵法》 by Sun Tzu
《兵法二十四篇》by Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮
Romance of the Three Kingdoms《三国演义》 by Luo GuanZhong 罗贯中
Die With Massive Debts《富债为王》by Dato' Sri Adrian Wee 拿督斯里。黄天成
Rich Dad Poor Dad《富爸爸穷爸爸》by Robert Kiyosaki 罗伯特。清奇
F.U Money by Dan Lok 骆锋
《勾魂夺心洗脑催眠》 by Li Ming Jie s李民杰/ Jiang Yong Jian 江健勇
Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise 《刻意练习》by K. Anders Ericsson

Where To Get The Recommended Books?

Some of the books may be find in Amazon!

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