Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials & Reviews

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From managing a project to creating his own team - that is Von. He is a “boss” himself who is confident and capable in bringing up the business with his own creative ideas. An asset of the institution.


Allen Yeoh

Von has always been unique and stands out in his creations! E-commerce and multimedia designing would be assets that he provided best to his clients


Bowie Liew

Von Lim, this name made me recall of a good planner and strategist. He is a capable leader and knowing his missions well. We have worked together on numerous digital marketing and creative designing projects. I would strongly recommend him if you need a leader to work with.


Chin Kiat

A very professional and meticulous leader. He is able to juggle multiple projects while still achieving his given target. With a foresight for future trends, our team is always one step ahead. A great leader and a great Friend to work hard with.


Ivy Wong

Von is a highly motivated individual who is very knowledgable on his field of work. He is an example of a great leader who cares about his team’s professional growth and ensures that the team achieve the goals set. He is also a dedicated and inquisitive professional that never hesitates to learn and upgrade his technical knowledge and skillset. I highly recommend him, as with his creative and strategic planning, he will be a valuable asset to any company he joins.


Matthew Tan

Lim is a professional and very responsible for his work assignments. He manages many projects with superb plans. He is also very good at web development.


Mirei She

Von presents a great leadership skills. He is a competent leader that guides and coaches his team assiduously. He combined efforts of his team to build a sense of solidarity within his squad. He also juggles well with heavy work loads and work efficiently. Von earns my highest recommendation.


Nemisa Koh

Von 是一个很有想法很有才华的人,规划的每个工作项目都仅仅有条~他更是我的导师 给了我在微商界的意见和建议都是很work的 他的商业想法更是让我领悟和启发很多东西。


Nicholas Ngin

Von is the perfect epitome of an all-rounder, with constant humour. I have seen him grow from a Multimedia Designer/ Project Coordinator to a E-Commerce Manager with a team of 4, whose efforts and strategies created an E-Commerce eco-system that is highly sustainable and profitable, all while keeping his team’s morale high. His free time is also spent on improving/upgrading his knowledge, skill sets and personal well-being. As such, his business marketing strategies are always well thought out and is always in conjunction with trends and patterns. Being such a valuable asset to any company he is in, I HAVE TO recommend Von to anyone looking to collaborate or do business! He is professional, passionate, knows his stuff and is very enjoyable to work with.

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Von is a motivated, forward thinking and who has lots of knowledge in his field. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he's good at organizing and bringing people together. It was fantastic to work together with him, a manager who's not only interested in the company's bottom line, but also in his employees'professional growth.


Sylvester Wong

Well... how and where should I start.... Let's put this simple. A very professional and understanding leader. He is very good at multitasking his work. With a great visions for upcoming trends, our team is always steps ahead. In conclusion, he is one awesome brother and leader to work hard with.


Tan Jasmine

A pleasant and nice colleague to work with. With highly creative idea & mindset. Never failed to bring joy & happiness to the team and a wonderful team player


Terence Chu

Von is a good E-commerce head of department, he was able to lead his group of E-commerce team to meet their target. He also has multiple experience in multimedia design where he had the skills to design and he has the leadership to move the team forward which benefits the company sharply. I would recommend Von to others and I would like to work with him again in the future.


Timothy Lee

Von is a brilliant and driven individual. Always taking initiative and displaying hallmark traits of an entrepreneur, he possesses social intelligence, natural boldness, professionalism, improvisation skill, quick thinking, strategic foresight- making him an invaluable asset to have in any environment. Despite working against constant deadlines and sleepless nights of setting up the company’s Ecommerce platform, he kept his eye on the finish line to ensure that the team got there, step by step. Von was always completing his given task on time, and is a great team player. If given the opportunity to lead and manage, it would be enabling him to excel at the strongest of his abilities. It was my pleasure working with him, and I would love to work with him again.


Xue Ling

I’m lucky to have worked on a team with Von, a manager who has exceptional expertise in leadership. He is good at bringing all teammate together, and very positive attitude towards work. Besides, he has an extremely high level of knowledge in e-commerce, always shared with the team, I've learned a lot from him! I'm sure he will be a valuable asset to the next organization he joins. Highly recommended!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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