Siifoo O2O Class

SiiFoo O2O Class by
Dato' Sri Adrian Wee

What is SiiFoo O2O Class?
Online To Offline – Offline To Online

在 SiiFoo O2O Class 的这个5个小时里,您会学习到 O2O Mastery 8 Success Pillar,快速带您了解O2O online to offline, offline to online 线上线下营运模式的加速班!在这5个小时里,您将会精通O2O,我们以线上网络,研讨会的模式在课程中运行,您将学习8大支柱策略如何使您的企业脱离危机, 在线模型的生意模式,服务和产品, 我们给您分享经过验证的案例研究和方法!

In this 5 Hours O2O Mastery Live Webinar Class, You Will Learn the 8 Pillars Strategy How You Can Offline Your Business, Services and Products to Online Model, with Proven Case Studies and Methodology!

|||| 8 Success Pillar ||||

O2O Discovery Integration Process
O2O System Integration
O2O Branding Integration
​O2O Content & Media Integration
​O2O Marketing & Sales Integration – Part 1
​O2O Marketing & Sales Integration – Part 2
​O2O Team & Management Integration
​O2O Business Model Integration

SiiFoo O2O Class Adrian Wee MyVpsGroup Von Lim

O2O Super Conference Diagnostic Videos
O2O Diagnostic Pre-Training Video


ABC Formula Teaching by
SiiFoo Adrian Wee
ABC Formula Step by Steps Teaching Recording


BONUS VIDEO: Business Chasis Teaching by SiiFoo Adrian Wee
5 Key Main Components to Online & Offline Business Model Creation


BONUS VIDEO: O2O Discovery Is Your Business Online-Able?
Step by Steps checklist to check and diagnose if your business is online-able?

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