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How Much Does A House Cost In Malaysia?

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Referring to the National Property Information Centre, we noted that different locations or areas will impact the housing price. The following table shows the average housing prices for different states in Malaysia.

States in Malaysia (RM)

Kuala Lumpur RM785,214.00
Selangor RM489,171.00
Johor RM353,811.00
Pulau Pinang RM438,100.00
Negeri Sembilan RM255,834.00
Perak RM218,170.00
Melaka RM190,150.00
Kedah RM229,571.00
Pahang RM233,344.00
Terengganu RM272,924.00
Kelantan RM192,684.00
Perlis RM199,399.00
Sabah RM463,483.00
Sarawak RM453,152.00

Referring to the above table, the average house price in Malaysia stood at MYR 426,155. By analyzing the average prices for different property types in Malaysia, the result is as below: ​

Terraced RM390,763.00
High-rise residential RM341,847.00
Semi-Detached RM664,277.00
Detached RM667,210.00

How can I find the value of my house?

How can I find the value of my house?

Valuation is important in the property trading process. Understanding of what makes the property valuable would help you maintain the long-term value of your house or assist in your purchasing and investment decision. The following FOUR factors as below may have a significant impact on your residential property’s valuation.

1. Location To determine the value of a house, location is probably the prime factor. The nearer to the city center the higher for the property value. The property’s value could be detrimental if your home is close to something undesirable.

2. Accessibility and amenities The property value might increase if your property is near a newly opened major highway. Closer to public transit nodes such as LRT and MRT stations and good road networks are huge plus points nowadays. Nearby conveniences such as clinics, hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutions and banks may boost value too.

3. Maintenance and renovations As the property gets older, it might face issues and problems that need addressing. However, a building that is made of high-quality materials will sustain longer. A property that is well-maintained would get a better valuation than one that is completely unmaintained.

4. Quality of construction The quality of the construction of property is another key element in preserving the value of property. Not to mention, the quality of construction materials used to build up the property will affect the value of property. Some of the properties that were constructed many decades ago but still fetch a good price due to the quality of the building, and structural design.

Property Malaysia 2020

While studying the property Malaysia 2020, we found that some of the new freehold projects with strata titles are freshly posted for sales, such as LBS Residensi Bintang Bukit Jalil, and D'immersione. The price range is between MYR 434,078 to MYR 2,087,663.

Due to the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC), the property market in Malaysia had a good run in 2019 and boosts a good spill over effect at the beginning of 2020. However, Covid-19 pandemic that hit Malaysian shores, market activity and absorption may be slower given the current economic and financial situation. Overhang and unsold may probably level up in 2020 but prices are expected to soften.

Property developers will find it difficult to come up with the right strategies to address the significant changes in market conditions. This may lead to developers holding back on new launches while dropping prices to push sales. Some small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will find it hard to sustain their businesses and may have to resort to pay cuts or even retrenchments.

This will have some impact on the residential property market in the form of reduced demand.

Additional Property of Malaysia Research

Due to Covid-19, residential, commercial and leisure sectors are expected to face challenges in 2020. Local buyers appear to have adopted a wait and see attitude as they are worried about the economic slowdown and oversupply situation.

Foreign buyers are also holding back on investing owing to the political uncertainty and confusion over whether the proposed reduction in the minimum price threshold.

The current economic downturn will pose a serious challenge to Malaysia’s financial resilience and there will be those who would not be able to weather the storm. To improve the sales, a lot of properties are going to sell below market value. Developers may also give discounts to clear new stock and keep their building wheels in motion. This means that there could be bargain buying opportunities, and also a good time for people to search for good value houses for their own stay. There are also buyers who are willing to forfeit the 10% deposit for the bookings made before Covid-19 and the MCO as they expect prices of properties to drop further.

For those experienced investors will hold their position and prepare to buy more property as panicked sellers drop the price of their property, but they may need to think twice before buying. For those who can stand to wait for longer than normal capital appreciation and are able to accept slower rental growth, this would also be a good time to increase their property portfolio.

Nevertheless, people still tend to hold back on large value purchases amid worries of losing jobs and income. The cautious attitude will only be lifted after more clear signals on market recovery appear. Once we get over this wobble phase, we’ll see the residential property market do what it has always done following a major economic upheaval and increase in value.

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Von Vps Management | MyVpsGroup are involve and invest in Property Malaysia, beside this, we are proudly to announce that we has been corporation with our strategy partnership, a property management company named HOMII Management. HOMII do the best to supply the market with its signature room rental service inspired by co-living concept. Besides providing premium room rental experience to people, HOMII also actively help property owner to manage their property from sales, renovation to rental. HOMII founded since 2018, and manage up to 1000 rooms today and still going on.

Home management with rental

In order to achieve our goal in providing every tenant’s need, we are ready with different types of  unit including studio, master room, medium room and small room. All the rooms are furnished completely and ready for you to “WALK IN AND STAY“. HOMII offer property owner a one stop management service to make sure their property can get the maximum rental return to boost the investment yield. We provide transparent management service from marketing, tenant screening,  agreement, room move in and bills settlements.

Property Malaysia
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About Sun Kai Construction & Renovation

SunKai Construction was established on November 27, 2017. by Founder Lim Chiang Hak. 30-May-2020, MyVpsGroup Fonder Von Lim is adding another responsibility to his blueprint, strategic plan, mission and vision: Von Lim will also be the new second-generation Founder of SunKai going forward, to lead the company to the victory for long term. 

Future plan of SunKai – Von Lim has also built a business legal structure and blueprint to revamp and restructure into a new business model, with the MyVpsGroup new master plan, at future SunKai is begin to grow faster and powerful with support by business blue-print, plan, and concrete infrastructure.

SunKai Construction & Renovation is now holding by MyVpsGroup, and Now Managing and Operating by Founder Von Lim, Von Vps Management.

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About HOMII Management

As a property management company, HOMII do the best to supply the market with its signature room rental service inspired by co-living concept. Besides providing premium room rental experience to people, HOMII also actively help property owner to manage their property from sales, renovation to rental. HOMII founded since 2018, and manage up to 1000 rooms today and still going on.

HOMII promise a one stop solution for every property owner, with HOMII renovation division. Our team is dedicated to complete the renovation in the shortest time with guarantied quality, to make sure the process from VC to rent is able to be done as soon as possible. And again, we assure you the best price offer according to your requirement if you are one of our management client.

HOMII are dedicated to commit our renovation sevice for:

complete the renovation within one month after receive deposit, keep you updated on the progress and welcome you to check on site.

minimize the spending but provide every necessity to tenant and perfect finishing work after furnishing 

provide multiple package for your choice to eliminate your hassle in deciding the details. However, we still left the final choice for you.

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