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Get the entire construction and renovation services of Sun Kai Penang Construction and Renovation MyVpsGroup,
and for more Aluminium, Floor Tiles & Wall Tiles, House Extend, Kitchen Top, Plaster Ceiling & Partition and more…

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We Are The Trustworthy Penang Construction and Renovation Contractor

Customer Value
SunKai provided high quality and trustworthy workmanship to our clients, we give you the one-stop solution for All your renovation needs. we will also recommend & merge ideas with your taste, perspective and objectives with reasonable price.
About Us
SunKai Construction was established on November 27, 2017. by Founder Lim Chiang Hak. 30-May-2020, MyVpsGroup Fonder Von Lim is adding another responsibility to his blueprint, strategic plan, mission and vision: Von Lim will also be the new second-generation Founder of SunKai going forward, to lead the company to the victory for long term.
Future plan of SunKai – Von Lim has also built a business legal structure and blueprint to revamp and restructure into a new business model, with the MyVpsGroup new master plan, at future SunKai is begin to grow faster and powerful with support by business blue-print, plan, and concrete infrastructure.
SunKai Construction & Renovation is now holding by MyVpsGroup, and Now Managing and Operating by Founder Von Lim, Von Vps Management.
SunKai Construction is a George Town, Penang, Malaysia construction & renovation company that specializes in House Construction & Renovation, Aluminium, Floor Tiles & Wall Tiles, Furniture, House Extend, Iron Grille, Kitchen Top, Painting, Plaster Ceiling & Partition, Plumbing, Semen & Structure, Stainless Steel, Wiring and Others.


We provided digital and online marketing 1 stop solution from A – Z. From brainstorming idea, marketing and strategy, creative design, digital and online strategy to our clients. 

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Von Production | Von Vps Management | MyVpsGroup
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