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Von Production who help his client think,
unique brainstorming technique to build, create and enhance photographs,
illustrations, 2D artwork, graphics design, web design, logo design, visual identity and more.
It’s everything you need to make any idea real.

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Hi! We has been participated 100 of graphics design for our previous clients and employer, Von Lim - Founder
of Von Production who help his client think, unique brainstorming technique to build,
create and enhance photographs, illustrations, 2D artwork, graphics design, web design,
logo design, visual identity and more. It’s everything you need to make any idea real.


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What is graphic design?

Elements of graphic design to be applied in content marketing 

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is defined as the art which combined of the planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content to convey messages to people. These contents can be as simple as a business logo, or it could be as complex as page layouts on a website. Since long time ago, business people usually uses graphic design in their business signboard.  But now, it has been widely used to promote and sell products through advertising on websites and multiple social media and shopping platforms. By blending graphical and textual elements into a graphic design content, businesses could create better user experience for consumers through advertising in multiple types of media to express, inform and communicate with consumers.

Here, we would like to share THREE purposes and explain deeper about why we need graphic design in marketing.

Establish impression of company

When it comes to company’s impression, what brings into our mind definitely is brand logo. Logo gives your business a unique mark by creating strong visual associations with your business. Great graphic design establishes a logo with a positive vibe and good impression. Graphic design allows people to identify your brand and makes your logo distinguished from your competitors in the market. A logo with professional graphic design can also establish trust among consumers. An attractive logo can remind consumers of your brand behind the logo in the meanwhile, successfully build up confidence with consumers for your brand. It is just similar to the advertisements we see on daily basis which keep refreshing consumers’ memories of the brand thereby recognize your brand name.

Enhance visibility of campaigns

Creating ad campaigns is very competitive nowadays as there are many ads posted on social medias and multiple platforms every day. An ad without graphic is tedious as people love graphics and colours. The purpose of graphic in an ad is to allow your audiences can easily receive the message from your campaign content with a quality design. To create an outstanding campaign, you need not only informative written content but also unique and relevant graphics or video to capture audiences’ attention hence drive engagement. Effective ad can help to boost up sales and gain loyalty in long-term. For example, when you create ad with relevant graphics and contents to especially meet festivals or special events, you will gain the opportunity of receiving huge responses from your audiences. This is the one of the best way to utilise your ad campaign effectively.

Boost power of persuasion

People take only a few second to sense the connection to a logo, brand and design. This makes creative elements very crucial to drive attention to a brand and its business. The colour scheme and font choice can describe an emotion or feeling of your message. People usually pay more attention on graphics. Business can convey brand message professionally by making creative and effective content with graphic design. In order to enhance your persuasion power of your brand efficiently, a powerful ad should have all these important elements to be blended into a quality graphic design in the content.

Elements of graphic design to be applied in content marketing

Graphic design is the art of expression and communication for problem solving through imagery. In content marketing, graphic design plays an essential role to visualizing the message in the content. It is a key component of content marketing which more than just drawings and pictures. A good content should be precise and streamlined with aid of graphics. Graphic design is widely used by businesses in content marketing to engage with customers. Strategic content can turn prospects into potential customers. It can help to build brand awareness and influence the process of customers’ decision making.
Blending your graphic design into content marketing can be very knotty. Here are the FIVE elements to be used in content marketing.

(1) Colour theory & shape
It can be challenging to make decision of choosing colours palette and designing shapes for brands, websites or marketing. Business cultivate strong emotional connection with customers with its brand. When it comes to selection of colours and shapes, it sets the meaning for the designs and delivers right message clearly and concisely to audiences. Hence, the brand logo should be based on the consideration of company, culture and products or services offering. Think about logo of a brand, the choice of colours and shapes symbolise your business and it is to be perpetually used.

(2) Call-to-Action (CTA)
Graphic is the effective artwork to show friendliness and connect more emotionally with your audiences. Designing a graphic that contained of CTA can capture audience’ awareness. CTA’s are usually placed within a webpage, blog article or downloadable piece of content. The purpose of CTA is to encourage the audience to perform actions of clicking a link, entering to the webpage and read the contents. It allows a continued interaction with your prospects and lead them to become potential customers. Strategic graphic with CTA improves the customer experience and also establish brand loyalty.

(3) Infographics
People can be easily attracted by photos and graphics compared to wordy articles. Infographic is a collection of imagery, charts and minimal texts to summarise a long blog posts or report. It provides audience an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. In businesses, infographic plays a key role in blending colours and graphics on a webpage and blog posts. An attractive infographic could quickly capture visual interest and lead to more engagements. It allows brands to convey message visually thus presents clear and concise information to audiences.

(4) Social media images
These days, social media users become more demanding on interactive content and real time experiences. Thus, social media images are very crucial as to help in boosting the share-ability of your content. Not only the design of the graphics, social media images should be able to fit the size of the users’ devices to prevent long loading time and provide a friendly user experience to audiences. Great designs make social media profiles and brands to become outstanding and it builds brand recognition. A good graphic design makes an ad to be effective by boosting engagements and improving user experience.

(5)Blog post graphics
Creating regular content has become main factor to maintain the connection with your loyal audiences. A visual content can be processed faster than texts. It is a good idea to insert graphic into your blog post as it will attract audience attention. Appealing graphic in a blog post can encourage audiences begin and continue to read your contents. A quality design will create an outstanding reading experience for your audiences. these simple design elements will help to influence your audiences’ decision-making process and lead them towards conversion.

Von Production
Full List Of Graphics Design Services In Malaysia

Corporate & Visual Identity

Business Card Design
Brochure Design
Booklet Design
Company Badge Design
Company Port-Folio
Corporate Vehicle Design
D.O Design
Fax Cover Sheet Design
Folder Design
Invoice Design
Letterhead Design
Logo Design
Packaging Design
P.O Design

Logo Design

Abstract Logo Design
Brand Logo Design
Corporate Logo Design
Creative Logo Design
Typography Logo Design

Website Design

Website Architecture Design
Website Customer Journey Design
Website Icon Design
Website Theme Design
Website User Interface Design
Website User Experience Design

Graphics Design 2D

Banner Design
Calendar Design
Flyer Design
Gaming Poster
Phone Wallpaper Design
Poster Design
Wallpaper Design

Ecommerce Store Design

Ecommerce Eco-System Design
Ecommerce Consumer Behavior Design
Ecommerce Customer Journey Design
Ecommerce Payment Gateway Design Ecommerce Store Design
Ecommerce User Interface Design
Ecommerce User Experience Design Ecommerce Website Design

Marketing Collateral

Email Marketing Ads Design
Featured Ads Design
Marketing Tool Design
Notification Ads Design
Social Media Info-Graphics
Thumbnail Design

Google Design

Google Display Ads Design
Google Landing Page Architecture
Google Landing Page Design
Google Landing Page Funnel Design Google Landing Page Format Design

Other Services

Branding Strategy
Digital Marketing
Editorial Design
Magazine Design
Product Design


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