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The Power of Investment

The power of passive income

Potential Value of Real Estate

In 2017, MyVpsGroup bought the first residential property for personal living, as in 2019, Directors of MyVpsGroup understand the potential of the future value and build passive income from the real estate. began from 2020, MyVpsGroup successful to invested the 2nd residential property in Malaysia, coming next 2020 4th quarter, MyVpsGroup did decide to invest the 3rd Property again in Malaysia.

Eco Tropic Harrison – Masai, Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia

Botanika @ Tebrau Bay, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Epic Residence, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Coming soon…

MyVpsGroup next target is to invest at least 10 high value of residential properties in Malaysia. 

Investment Philosophy
Property Business Architecture

MyVpsGroup use businesses as active income, property investment or real estate as passive income. Together with active and passive, we will see the potential of business property architecture.

The potential, and value of the business investment, team, and founder

MyVpsGroup always invest in low risk and potential business project. We are not only invest in the business model, we also invest the founder. We always look into the potential and wealth skill set of the founder.

The Importance of Legal Structure & Agreement

MyVpsGroup strictly focus the legal structure and the agreements, MyVpsGroup always be contract spirit. 

Low risk and fair return of investment

MyVpsGroup believes in low risk low return, also high risk for high return, but MyVpsGroup is looking the opportunity how to maximize the return of investment when investment in low risk project, or financial product, hence, MyVpsGroup focus seriously the risk assessment of investment.

MyVpsGroup always focus the durable and long-term investment.

The value of the team and group

MyVpsGroup believes in everyone potential. MyVpsGroup help everyone who work together, unleash their potential.

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