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Dato' Sri Adrian Wee

Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee Reviews & Testimonials 拿督斯里 黄天成 评论与推荐

Dato Sri Adrian Wee Reviews & Testimonials
拿督斯里 黄天成 评论与推荐

Regarding Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee reviews or testimonials, What I have been learned In Die With Massive Debts is truly valuable for my life. Here again to take an opportunity to thanks my skills transfer mentor, Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee.​ Before get into Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee reviews or testimonials, let me do a simple introduce of him, Dato' Sri Adrian Wee, who is a renowned international speaker, master coach, property entrepreneur, esteemed interior designer, and author of the book “Die With Massive Debts.” Dato’ Sri Adrian is the selected few speakers in South East Asia who has shared the same platform with the world-class speaker such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic, and Jay Abraham through Success Resource. He frequently speaks in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

Property Creator Intensive (PCI)

Die With Massive Debt (DWMD) Review

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【Adrian Wee 老师真的很大,很怪懒!

“ 我做了生意12年,我很少上课程的; 很多 Trainer 在外面,都没有像我做的那么大; 他们要如何教我做生意呢?

但是 Adrian Wee 老师就不一样! Adrian Wee 老师真的很大,很怪懒! 他教的东西真的很落地!”

来到 Platinum PCI 课程最爽的是学了 26个招数; 如何把 Sales 做的更加好! 我们来听听看 QLP 学员的分享吧!

Die With Massive Debt (DWMD) Review




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