What Is Healthy Weight Loss

What Is Healthy Weight Loss

The golden formula for anyone trying to lose weight healthily is the combination of a balanced diet and exercise regime. For most people, instant gratification is a desire – people want to lose as much weight, as quickly as possible. They want to see their efforts pay off. However, what most do not know is that gradual weight loss is a more effective method that can be sustained over the longer run.

A healthy weight loss is more than adhering to a “diet” or “program”. It entails setting realistic goals, as well as a series of consistent habits in daily diet and physical activities. When a healthy weight has been reached, it is time to make this change into your lifestyle, which will help you hold the weight off for the long term.

For starters, here are some tips that can set you on the right track. For optimal weight loss, ensure that you get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week. Examples of moderate-intensity activities include brisk walking, badminton, cycling and swimming.

Besides engaging in aerobic activity, muscle-strengthening activities that work your muscle groups play an integral role in your weight loss journey too. Examples of muscle-strengthening exercises include free weights, resistance training and bodyweight exercises (such as push-ups and squats). You can get started with 8 to 10 varying exercises, with 8 to 12 repetitions for each set of exercise. If you are a stranger to working out, make sure to include rest days in between. This increases muscle mass, which burns calories.

On top of staying active, ensure that you inculcate a healthy diet into your lifestyle. Go for lower calorie options, smaller portions, and healthier drinks. Don’t forget to include healthy fats (such as coconut and avocado), as well as wholegrains into your diet.








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