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Under the trend of globalization, branding has become a significant symbol to reflect the value of a company. THE INTERNATIONAL PRESTIGE BRAND AWARD (IPBA) is organized by the Asian Excellence Entrepreneurs Federation (AEEF), and co-organized by the HWT Group and International Association of Quality (IAQ). The award carries the mission of “reflecting the real value of the brand” and aims to reward the actively developing outstanding brands around the world by providing a standard identification of brand excellence. Starting from 2012, it received solid support from the Asian business community, yet consistently become one of the most influential brands’ award ceremony with the most nominated brands in Asia, and was called as “Nobel Prize of the Global Economic Industry” by China Central Television (CCTV) in 2015. Now, it constitutes the most influential and professional global brand contest, as to date, the awards had been given to over 1000 brands in 43 countries and remains the most recognized and respected brand awards in society and among consumers. The annual awards ceremony is the best stage for shaping the brand’s international image and also function as the connecting bridge between the brand and the world. Nearly thousand politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, celebrities will gather on to witness the winners of the years, the winners will receive the trophy from the guests of honor and this implying that their own brand will be spotlighted around the world.

The award possesses 5 categories: Best Brand of the Year Awards, Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Brand of the Year Awards, Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and Emerging Brand of the Year Awards. The Best Brand of the Year Award was aimed to recognize the outstanding performance of enterprises in market growth and development, performance, and commercial success. The nominated brands must have revolutionized or brought about significant upgrades within their industry while having a unique image and consistent efforts at innovation, as well as active in fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. The ultimate goal of the creation of a brand is to make it become popular and goes viral among consumers, just as the Chinese Chairman Xing Xiaohong said, “In this fiercely competitive era, a brand reputation is a great significance for the survival and development of the enterprises.” Therefore, if the enterprise obtained this award, it proves that the brand has outstanding achievements in its field and has a certain influence in that particular area.

Wellous Brand Award

In the 7th International Prestige Brand Award, Wellous is honored to have won the BEST BRAND IN HEALTHCARE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR. After stringent brand value assessments, consumer market surveys, as well as integrating the score statistics for public online voting, finally Wellous stand out to be the best among the best! For health care products brands, the organizer has a strict selection mechanism, which according to the brand strength, effectiveness, safety, innovation and creativity, and contribution to the society and industry as an authoritative benchmark for screening winners, the results will be reviewed and evaluated by experts with extensive knowledge in this field. One of the factors that contributed to Wellous’s success was due to the uniqueness and effectiveness of our products. We rely on out-of-the-box thinking and approaches to provide innovative yet effective technological solutions for consumers with a full range of services and consideration of the needs of customers to come out with the best possible health and wellness products. In order to ensure the quality of the products and to implement the goals in more fields, Wellous has a market research team to investigate the types of products that consumers are most interested in and buy, as well as a group of superior researchers who worked hard in searching the most effective and best quality ingredients. Our products are exclusive formula studied, modulated and tested by professional doctor, nutritionist, and research and development team, and goes through a number of clinical trials to confirm its efficacy.

We thank all our valued customers for their support and trust over the past years. Our customers are the driving force behind this humble achievement and we will continue to strive harder to adhere to our mission and goals and provide all-encompassing services to our customers: health supplements that take care of a person’s body internally and beauty products that enhance and intensify whatever beauty a person might already have. We at Wellous are committed to creating a culture of excellence that will hopefully translate into the products and services we provide for our clientele. Our commitment to society does not only include the best products and services, but we also participate in and implement strong social policies and do our best to benefit all citizens. We firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, so we have made strengthening the body’s system and vital organs our highest research priority. As our studies grow, we are confident that Wells will be at the forefront of achieving total wellness for all our customers.

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