Welcome To Malaysia Tourism – Selangor

Welcome To Malaysia Tourism – Selangor

State: Selangor Capital: Shah Alam Populations: 6,541,900

Selangor Malaysia | Famous Attractions

Crab Island was first settled by a group of fishermen from Hainan in the 1870s – low-lying, muddy & fringed with mangroves forest which is an ideal habitat for the marine crustaceans – mostly wooden homes on stilts over the soft tidal mudflats – walking/cycling on the narrow wooden or concrete boardwalks within the village – lined with seafood restaurants & shops selling local street food, desserts, dried fish & groceries – is where Crab Island Chinese Temple located Sekinchan – centre of a rice paddy production area – intensively farmed and are divided into neat rectangles bordered with drainage ditches and low concrete walls – busy fishing village stayed by mostly Teow Chew Chinese – small beach named Redang for local villagers enjoying themselves with picnics – very few small hotels & homestays in town, suitable for one-day trip Batu Caves – is a limestone hill riddled with caves which accessed by a colorful steep flight of 272 steps – located only 13km from downtown Kuala Lumpur – Attractions are Temple Cave (or Cathedral Cave), Dark Cave, Cave Villa and Ramayana Cave – inside of the caves decorated with statues and scenes from the Hindu epic, Ramayana

Selangor Malaysia | Vacation / Activity

Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam – is a plant-themed leisure park on the northern edge of Shah Alam – jungle vegetation, the trees & gardens are self-renewing & remain pristine – Attractions including Skytrex Adventure Park, Paintball Valley, Animal Park, Four Seasons Temperature House, Spice and Beverage Garden & more – suitable for picnic, relaxing, indoor camping, hiking & more Broga Hill – covered in lalang grass instead of trees – best places for hiking within easy range of Kuala Lumpur – is only 400 metres high (1312 feet) & can easily be climbed in an hour – is steep and challenging with only hemp rope as holder Sunway Lagoon – Malaysia’s premier theme park & waterpark – includes a 5 star hotel, a very popular shopping mall, residential blocks, a hospital and more

Selangor Malaysia | Delicious Food

Kedai Kopi Shin Lok @ Kuala Selangor – famous with Jeram pau, yam puff, curry chicken pau & eggtarts. – steams up to 7 types of pau (bun): vegetable, Red Bean, Peanut, Kaya, Coconut, Curry Chicken and BBQ Chicken pau Cendol Bakar @ Kuala Selangor – provides dine in, takeaway & drive-thru services – most famous cendol: Durian Cendol Bagan Seafood Restaurant – serves with fresh seafood at reasonable price – place is clean & with nice view of river Aroma Ikan Bakar – famous with grilled fish – located near to the sea which provides a nice view while dining New Beggar’s Delicious Restaurant – famous with Beggar Chicken, dish of whole chicken with herbs, wrapped in clay & baked for hours in hot fired up mud – also offers more dishes including plenty of seafood choices

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