Welcome To Malaysia Tourism – Kelantan

Welcome To Malaysia Tourism – Kelantan

State: Kelantan Capital: Kota Bharu Populations: 1,892,200

Kelantan Malaysia | Famous Attractions

Street arts in Kota Bharu – full of culture and colourful arts on walls Wat Machimmaram – premium temple in Kota Bharu with biggest sitting Buddha in South East Asia known primarily for its ornate art work inside the temple Gallery Wau Pak Sapie – to visit a place full of various wau (kite in Malay) such as Wau Kenyalang, Wau Helang, Wau Bulan, Wau Merak and Wau Kucing – to watch the process of making wau (kite in Malay) by Master Pak Sapie

Kelantan Malaysia | Vacation/Activity

Villa Danialla Beach Resort – relatively more high end – beautiful white sandy beach and deep blue sea view – tourists can ride horses at the seaside – restaurant decorated with white gauze Pantai Cahaya Bulan – known beach in Kelantan – full of conifers and coconut palms – suitable for picnic, camping & leisure activities Gunung Stong State Park – best eco adventures in Kelantan – Jelawang Waterfall, Malaysia longest waterfall is located here – suitable for hiking, camping, water activities & resting

Kelantan Malaysia | Delicious Food

Kota Bharu Night Market – known of local Malay cuisines – Nasi Kerabu, nasi dagang Kelantan, laksam Kelantan, ayam percik & etc. – handful of classic Malay desserts such as akok, bahulu, and serimuka Pasar Siti Khadijah – morning market which attracts locals and tourists – known of local Malay foods and Malay seafoods – featured food: Nasi Dagang & Nasi Kerabu – high recommended snacks: keropok (fish crackers), akok, and bahulu Pizzeria Traudi – an Italian eatery operated by an Austria couple – colourful wall designed and furnished with simple wooden tables and chairs – signature pizza which is baked with wood

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