Corona Virus Covid-19

Corona Virus, Covid-19 Worldwide Case:
Confirmed 1,870,076
Recovered 441,323
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) latest outbreak situation (14th – April – 2020); MyVpsGroup is closely monitoring developments and tracking information regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We are taking proactive measures to support the health and welfare of our strategic partnerships, clients, customers, family, friends, and the communities where we operate and serve. These are just some of the steps we’ve taken:
  • Social distancing markers and signage throughout the store and at checkout lines
  • In-store radio reminders about the importance of social distancing
  • Limiting the number of customers in advisories service
  • Special serves for strategic partnership only
  • Closed dining areas and offering take-out only
  • Wear masks & gloves for employees
  • Reinforced employee health & safety guidelines, including proper hand-washing & hygiene
  • Increased cleaning at high touchpoints
  • Sanitization
Thank you for helping us maintain the health and safety of everyone. Warm reminder, while shopping, please try to keep social distance between you and other shoppers. Updated : 14 April 2020, 12:15 GMT+8 Best Regards; Von Lim Founder of Von Vps Management | MyVpsGroup #vonlim #vonproduction #vonvpsmanagement #myvpsgroup

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