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MyVpsGroup cares all of our client or customer user journey and experience, we hope customer can understand in how to reach MyVpsGroup website with very quickly especially when client/ customer want to looks for their product or service request


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If you are looking for more enquiry and customization, you may reach us in email enquiry.

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Strategic Partners

Together we achieved more! We always provide and do an advice to support our strategic partner, also, we build an internal supply and service chain. We did communicate and combine resources we had, and to have the quantum leap in our business.

MyVpsGroup Have
Potential Affiliate To You

Digital Marketing

MyVpsGroup best and signature services
We pay 5% of commissions to you with
total amount of the online marketing related project
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Digital Marketing Solution

Web Development

Find quality and potential
customer to build a website with us
We pay 20% of commissions to you with
total amount of the web related project
  • Wordpress
  • Ecommerce
  • Customize

Strategy Partner

Introduce quality strategy partner to MyVpsGroup
$ 100
We pay SGD100 of commissions to you once MyVpsGroup did join venture with Strategy Partner
  • Business Collaboration
  • Joint Venture

Creative Design

Find a quality and potential customer to engage
with our creative and design services
We pay 10% of commissions to you with
total amount of the creative and design related project
  • Creative Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Collateral

Digital Marketing Solution

Which digital marketing solution is right for you?

Creative Design

Create a stunning creative design to attract users, also create brand awareness with unique identity, Improve brand or product impression through stunning visualization

Digital Marketing

Improve business work efficiency, productivity, sales pipe-line and more opportunities with Omni-Channel/ Hybrid/ O2O digital marketing solution

Web Development

Establish great customer journey and experience on front-end with using Ecommerce store or business information website

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